When I See A Door With A Push Sign, I Pull First To Avoid Conflicts

Issues, Issues, Issues I think this is where it starts to get difficult, everyone wants to create a mona lisa before drawing their first stickman. I realized I haven’t earned my stripes yet, I want to fly before even walking at times when it comes to coding, and constantly getting humbled right now is aContinue reading “When I See A Door With A Push Sign, I Pull First To Avoid Conflicts”

git pull a day keeps the conflicts away

Working in open source, can be beautiful and destructive. It’s an interesting ecosystem of different individuals all around the world, contributing to various different projects they believe in. These last couple of weeks felt like I had just entered into an old 1960 western starring Clint Eastwood. I am including Eastwood because of the amountContinue reading “git pull a day keeps the conflicts away”


The world of a computer programmer can be overly complicated with languages being developed as time passes. It can often be intimidating to developers to figure out how to connect the two together due to the lengthy process it takes to learn the different frameworks. Innovation is forever moving in the digital world, and theContinue reading “github.com/realworld”

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