There’s a plethora of things that are 60%.

Such as a

Image result for 60% keyboard
60% Keyboard
image 1 of Lindt Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate Truffles Carton 200G
60% Cocoa

Illinois is requiring that adults between the age of 25-64 that 60% of them will have a college degree.

60% of People can’t go 10 minutes without lying.



Telescope has been what I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on, and I ran into a couple issues this time around. I feel like I was exposed more on my knowledge, and showed me I still had a huge uphill battle to continue to learn as much as I can. This project is now at 60%.

I’m operating at I think about 30% of my potential. What do I mean by that? I mean my writing has to improve, my reading has to improve, and I need to struggle more frequently.

Twice in the last two weeks I struggled a lot, both times resulting in incredible late nights. I think I have to fine tune my approach. I think I have to liken it more to working out.

When you first start working out, you do things incorrectly, certain muscles aren’t working right, and its a bit of a mess, you’re also struggling a lot.

Fast forward to two weeks later, you are probably closer to doing the exercises correctly (or pretty darn close.), but the struggle is just there, just on a different page.

So the past couple weeks, I was taking a different approach, enjoying tutorials that I was attempting, such as Gatsby, building SSO’s, and more. The problem is I don’t struggle during these tutorials, I follow them. That’s not a struggle. I would relate this to when you are a kid, and you sit on your dads shoulders, he’s struggling but you’re having a blast. You gotta hang on to his head, but let’s be honest, it’s enjoyable, and it’s not THAT difficult at that age, proven by the fact you are a kid.

These aren’t helping developing my muscles, it can teach me a basic, but it’s not teaching me to really understand what is going on. It’s teaching me to follow instructions.

Going into the day to work on my telescope issues I felt I was going to put my knowledge to paper, and I’d have an enjoyable time coding.

Well, while coding, I realized I did not understand the flow, most errors from ESLint and Prettier I had begun to rely on them to fix my issues. It’s weird thing when a tool can be pushing you in the wrong direction, especially when something gets added, in this example it would be “this fixes your spacing, and makes your code look organized”. However, it does more then that, it can fundamentally change the way you’re code is written. This includes functions and certain situations when you need to pass variables through different functions, there’s multiple ways to do it, and that can be fixed.

These aren’t mentioned in the tutorials, partly because they’ve solved all those issues on their own, prior too even creating the tutorial. I’m not at that level, and I think that’s what my goal is. To be able to write a tutorial with a great understanding to help other people understand the problems and functionality of what you are doing.

So 0.6 release had me learn quite a few different things – how a SSO to Express works. how your front end to express to SSO works, gatsby, functions more in-depth, react more in-depth, the need to struggle more frequently, and not just make time for the people you’re helping, but make time for you to go seek help as well.

This is a hard thing for me to grasp, especially when I run micro teams for my projects, if I’m not around I feel like a zoo happens, when in reality they probably don’t work at the pace I prefer to work at, which isn’t always a bad thing, because faster pace can mean lesser quality, it’s a very fine line to balance.

My next release is going to be interesting, 0.7, only because I feel more free from working on purely SSO things. Given the bulk and the basic functionality is done, I think the next steps will be more front end oriented to set-up, and then back end will be 0.8.
I’m never sold on my performances, and partly because I think I need a trophy to consider myself a winner from time to time. It’s very hard to say you’ve done your best, unless you have a definitive pinnacle moment, and usually that results in a trophy or some kind of reward and you hit a bunch of criteria.

This kind of journey is different and one I’m not used too, I don’t know the criteria, but I know we are moving forward which is difficult in itself to grasp, because in sports which I’m used too. Moving forward is usually defined as scoring more goals then the other team. Very clear cut.

And keep in mind, I don’t think you can set yourself a clear cut goal, but a clear cut vision is more important, and those are different things. My hopes, is you’ll be able to go in there, set your feed in ‘settings’, change from light mode to dark mode, it would maintain these settings, and you can set your avatar to your post.

In terms of self-reflection, there’s always more, and I think I have to change my style for the next release a bit to help those around me become a little less stressed during the final hours.

If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.

Edsger Dijkstra

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