It’s almost the holidays.

Initially I started this blog because of a course that I was enrolled with, but I felt like I would continue to blog at least to get in the habit of expressing myself. Something I don’t do well with any real artistic ability, it’s often something I shun away from. It’s something I’ve always accepted about myself, that I am not a creatively charged individual. When I look at anything I design myself, I see flaws, and it’s demotivating. It’s part of the reason I got into programming, programming you know you’ve reached success, it’s logical. If you need someone to enter a form with their information, you can definitely prove you have done your part.

With creativity, there is no end. It’s like this never ending tunnel that has a light at the end but that you can never reach. It’s an incredibly scary thought and one I can admire with great respect, especially those who do it from a business standpoint. I can’t imagine the nerves after spending hours on a drawing, and showing it to a client, especially because you could have just as easily in some cases spent every single day working on it for a week straight, or sat down and did it within an hour. And that part doesn’t matter to the client, what matters is if they like it or not. This is very different then other fields I have worked in, which is very simply put under the lines of “Hey can I walk on the floor? are things lined up? Awesome! heres your money” with small little nuances like “Can we add a different floorboard” etc, it doesn’t make the entirety of my work useless.

So why am I talking about this? I thought this was a software blog.

Well, I decided to make a portfolio for myself, a website, and designing it has many thinking of all the many details.

  • Is this to much detail?
  • Is it not enough?
  • Is the colour scheme good?
  • Is the lay-out practical?
  • What if visually they don’t like the look
  • Does it get who am I across to the reader?

As I’m designing it, I worry most that someone will make a pre-judgement about my character based on the design I chose. And I say that because I’ve done that many a time when I go looking for different kinds of home repair. “Oh this designer is for a very posh look, I need something that I could be a bit more messy in” or “This style is industrial and not made for a home”

However coding is very different, I want to learn all the styles, and how can you portray that in a portfolio? How can you avoid to be pigeon holed as a type of individual. These are things I thought about a lot, and I thought of people who were very successful in their respective fields, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gordon Ramsey, Eminem, Hans Zimmerman, Will Smith.

All of them have such a wide range of ability for their given talent, Ronaldo has played in 4 big leagues now (If you include the portuguese.), and has been successful in all of them, Gordon Ramsey is a master of more then just British food, Will Smith started off more as a comedian and has had some success with both action and dramatic roles.

So, how do you portray that as an image.

The image you wan to portray, an ever-changing portrait of your-self that can capture who you could be, what you are now, and where you were previously.


What do I do?

I write a blog now, I continue this trend and to make sure I am constantly re-thinking and re-evaluating myself, that my biggest critic is and always will be me. This is an important trait, it’s also a scary thing for someone who has dreams of leadership like I do, to put this out there, as it could be also a sign of weakness, a lack of vision.

So why are holidays up there?

I started to design my portfolio with the minimalist attitude, why? I admire Steve Jobs view, that minimalism is better. You can always be in control of adding more, you can’t take away, only time does that.

This is my first day on holidays, and I’m off to a great start designing this portfolio. Hopefully tomorrow bears some sweeter tasting fruits and I have a clearer image.

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