The Git is Near

4 months have come and gone. My goal’s were accomplished, I’m more confident in coding, I understand the fundamentals of Git, and it’s pretty cool that I got use and learn so many different aspects of coding.

If I was to create a metaphor about describing this time, it would be hard to sum it up.

Metaphorically Speaking

Git was like learning to ride a bike.

Open Source was adventuring into the wilderness for the first time – scary, and unknown, but beautiful and serene once you stop and smell the flowers.

Reading people’s code was either reading what appeared to be a mix mash of code, or a modern day Mona Lisa.

People are generally nice in the coding world, and I’m surprised the internet trolls have not infiltrated here. I almost wonder what stops it from happening.

What are my issues?

Issue #1 – This issue is on visual code extensions, pretty cool, was able to create a –force feature!

Issue #2 – This is my telescope issue super cool stuff

Exciting Times

Normally I would talk about the issues, and how I solved them but I feel that it’s better to talk about the open source experience, getting pulled in many different directions, and how to be a much more dynamic individual towards coding.

What do I mean by that? Well, there was a book I once read called Liquid Leadership that I felt helped me understand more about leadership and some of the necessary tactics like that. I felt though, that the ideologies provided in this book are can be applied to anything you do, and it became really apparent in open-source how needed it is to be this way in the Technology field.

You need to be like water, there simply isn’t enough time in your day to learn about all the different technologies that are being used, so you have to trust the people around you, and mold to there needs. This became apparent especially when we had an express server, a redis server, docker, and pretty soon a simple sign-on server, all running simultaneously. I relied heavily on the individuals who installed docker, and the others from the open source community that would perhaps do small changes for me, but would save myself time instead of learning multiple technologies individually, it let me just get the necessary parts to move forward.

Git Project

I found this to be super helpful, it’s a nifty little thing that is in GIT

This was super helpful in terms of showing all the work we did in building this thing out, and keeping well organized for others to come and see. There was some pluses and downsides, I wish it would provide more feedback in terms of the average time it takes to complete one of the issues, how many lines of code on average were added per issue etc. Which labels were frequently being used, a lot of smaller projects within a bigger project would be super helpful. Overall though this is a huge help if you aren’t using it already.

What did I learn?

I learned that relying on others to help you through things is necessary, that open source can connect you with more quality individuals who are looking to move forward with there skills then be held back, which is a plus.

I learned my reading ability needs work, taking my team to read will help me along at a faster pace.

That people are willing to help, just at there own paces.

Expectation’s are low on open source

Quality can range greatly

All git hub profile pictures have individuals taking selfies but staring off in the distance.

Lasting impression

Will I continue with open-source? Absolutely, it’s the best place for me to get more experience coding, and get exposure to different people doing different things in the technology world, and I can highly recommend anyone give it a fair shot if they are just getting into coding, or a coding wizard.

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