When I See A Door With A Push Sign, I Pull First To Avoid Conflicts

Issues, Issues, Issues

I think this is where it starts to get difficult, everyone wants to create a mona lisa before drawing their first stickman. I realized I haven’t earned my stripes yet, I want to fly before even walking at times when it comes to coding, and constantly getting humbled right now is a good experience for me.

What are the two issues I decided to tackle?

Issue #1
Issue #2

Relatively easy to understand, could be hard to do correctly fixes. The first one is more code added to VSCode, I’m hoping to contribute more and more to VSCode, even after my current course is done, as I think it is one of the better IDE’s and will help greatly in interviews when pointing out things I have built and run.

Reflecting On My Choices

One thing I don’t do a lot of us, is actually taking the time to reflect of what I am doing, as a whole, a bigger picture. That’s kind of my goal for this week. I wanted to focus on something I felt I would be able to carry forward. Both these issues are something I felt would help me with my progression goals.

The first issue, being VSCode, as I said earlier, it will help for interviews, I can directly reference the IDE, and show exactly what I have done.

The second is our project Telescope, although I do feel this project is great when it can be your main focus, it does move at a much faster pace due to the amount of developers working on it as a whole. This is definitely hard to balance with other projects that I am working on, the plus side is though, that this will be forever be ony my resume, which gives it a higher priority.

As someone who strives to do his best, it’s getting harder and harder progressing through the current program I am in, and giving each class the necessary attention it needs to do well in, and some sacrifices must be made at some point.

This is something I will probably continue to struggle with till perhaps the end of the semester and get a better idea of how I’d like to approach this going forward.

Either way we are in the home stretch people! And I can’t be more excited so I can re-focus my self and do a much better job going forward!

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