You can totally do this.

Growing up, Dragon Ball Z was one of my favorite television shows. The animation hasn’t aged that well, and there really isn’t some overly deep storyline. However, the show focuses on one main goal. That is hitting your limits and pushing through them.

“I could go one step farther If I wanted to.” – Goku

I feel like I almost have an unfair advantage to others because of a show like this. I’ve watched hundreds and hundreds of hours of it, and my love for different characters changed as I watched them all push through the limits in both self-created desires, as well as from outside forces.

But why is this open source?

Well, sometimes you gotta just push your limits, create your own reason for the need. And thats what I’ve put myself into. A situation where I feel like I have time to push through these limits, and now I have backed myself into a corner where I need to push through if I wish to accomplish these tasks.

External Issue

The external issue that I am doing is going to be one on visual studio code. Yes thats right, the famed programming platform.

The issue, this is adding a feature that many other terminals have already. I feel like this could be a big enough issue, and might take me a while to get a hold of what is going on. I really hope to be able to add this feature so I can add it to my list of things I’ve worked on, especially since Visual Studio Code is such a widely used code editor.

Will this be a feature that will get added to visual studio code? Let’s hope so. It will be super cool to tell other programmers that I’ve contributed too it, and not just a one-liner but an actual feature.

Internal Issue

This one is a bit more difficult, there’s quite a bit of research on something I haven’t actually accomplished before, which is getting a SAML2 login system working. At first its hard to decide what is to big of a scope, and what is to small of a scope. So, it’s kind of just a shot in the dark. I’m able to include my friends which is good, but the going forward steps might be a little bit difficult to make sure that it’s moving forward correctly.

So, whats my issue?
I have no idea if this issue is even a good one, if it will have to change into something else, and how un-educated I am on this subject.

However, this is how I am going to proceed. I’ll take a leap, and if I don’t make it, I know I’ll learn a lot. So I’m willing to take this risk!

So, let’s hope I can push through these things, and hopefully they’re large enough, to help me push through and realize that my limits are much higher than what I’ve done in the past.

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