Git a Good Friend

You got a friend in me. Whenever you attempt anything, it’s always nice to have a friend that you can rely on to either fail with or succeed with. Regardless it makes a great success story..or at they very least a good story.

This week for hacktoberfest, I set myself three tasks.

  • Work on a python project
  • Work with a colleague
  • Have someone else choose my issue

Work On A Python Project

The reason behind this is simple, Python is a very popular language. It requires a lot of environment set-up, and is quite different from other languages that I feel are meant for processing. Yes there are some similarities as with all languages, but Python is definitely a go to at the moment.

Work With A Colleague

One of things that is highly encouraged is not to tackle these problems alone, getting a good friend that can help you through this process is key. You can get a wide range of support from friends, such as help doing the code, motivation, and someone to bounce ideas off of. So, for this particular pull request, I was able to get help in all three of those departments

Have Someone Else Choose My Issue

This was a worrysome one for many reasons.

  • Unsure of what languages I know
  • Not sure how much time I have alotted
  • Is it a project I would be interested in
  • Is it challenging or too easy?

These are things I thought about, and decided that each one is probably me over thinking it. I was able to ask for him to find me a python issue, so that cancelled out the first bullet point…because I knew I wouldn’t know Python. Time allotted, well, time is a resource that everyone wishes they have more of. Interested in? Most likely not, but in the work force you will be put into situations where you don’t want to work on what you’re given. And the last point, well, YOLO.

What Happens Next

The first step is to find a friend that is willing to help. Easy enough, what was the project?
It’s a command line interface that is built using python! Perfect! This is awesome.
Okay, but what about the issue?
Okay, sweet! This issue was actually created by the person who gave me the project! It’s decently challenging, and I can utilize him as a friend and his experience working on this project.


Let’s jump right into it, it’s got relatively strong documentation in the readme on how to set up your environment. I follow it step by step, and run into an issue. When installing some of the libraries for python, python3 doesn’t work in the command line. I had previous experience with python and the path was set-up for me as just python. Very common for linux users to use python3 and windows users to use python. The environment took me a while to set-up partly because the executable does not run from the actual current code I discovered. So you have to run the

Remember Your Friends

That last issue took me much longer to figure out, I thought all the changes I made to the code were being compiled and ran. So what was my issue? Why isn’t the code I’m running working? Well, here guys is where you may need to ask for help, and thats what I did, my friend that I was working on this with, came took to seconds, and found the code I had inputted had been working the way I had wanted (which was just testing in a python environment.)

The Pull Request

This was a little bit different, I sent my pull request and got some feedback from the owner of the repo. He actually made some changes that he had just implemented, which was okay. And he actually pulled up a similiar issue I had that was not linked to my code changes, but a bigger issue overall. It was a simple issue of not-updating the current working directory. Initially he questioned that I had that error, but later before I could respond admitted it was on his end! So overall a success!
You can find the pull request here.


This is week 3 of hacktoberfest, and I have 3 approved pull requests. I don’t feel like I have a reason to complain so like the energizer bunny I’m going to keep going and going and going…

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