Git up and do one.

My first Git pull request was done today. It took me a while, sadly the three I had planned had all been closed by the different authors who had fixed it already. Which put me into a bit of pickle. Searching it took me a while, and I came across this one.

Seems relatively easy! They even provided a video on what the differences were. So after watching the video, and witnessing that there is very little differences. I tried to do a bit more digging in what the difference more so then what the video provided. There wasn’t any.

So now that I feel I have a good background, I take a look at the code – and well

Looking at this code, this is the changes I made, I kept everything that was const that was outside of the current block as const, and everything within the functions as let. Relatively simple fix, but, what does it actually do?

Well, while looking at the code trying to figure out which ones could be potentially used for future use were switched to let.

That was my solution – however there was 16 Canadian cities, sorted by provinces of TS code. I changed those 16, sent the pull request (located here) and am now waiting for the result. If it’s the kind of fix they are looking for, I will be looking back for the other countries. If not, hopefully I get some feedback on what they are looking for. Luckily git branches are a marvelous thing, and allow me to easily revert code if I did a mistake.

I can’t wait to find out the result, and hope this is the first of many issues I’m able to help with!


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