The GitHub Experience

The joys of GitHub can be limitless. To put this in a better perspective, let’s relate it to a more common job, a Grocer. The hard working Grocer, we will say goes into his shift, and first he grabs the Milk that needs to be put out makes sure all the older milk is pushed to the front to ensure that the grocery store is always trying to turn out inventory on a constant basis. This whole process takes him an hour, and is quickly pulled aside for another issue that a customer was having in a different department. Off he goes, and a new customer comes by.

The new customer grabs milk from the front, and realizes that it’s expired, this customer simply knows the fix, however goes to the manager and the Grocer from earlier ends up getting in trouble. Even with the customer doing it without bad intention.

This is a problem that GitHub has been able to solve by removing the ill-intentions and the ability to contribute to other programmers easily without messages getting lost in the translation. To show the simplicity of it, let me show a simple clip of editing someone’s simple notepad and removing a bug.

You simply add your issue with the code – in this case I talked with the individual in person, however it can be simply replied too from the GitHub repository owner, if it’s a feature or fix they would be interested in having completed.

After this, utilizing the ‘Fix #(insert issue command)’ it automatically references the issue, and the owner is capable of closing the issue. If he felt it was necessary.

Now, what’s different about a feature? Well, let’s take a look..

As you can see, it’s created and resolved the same way. Really cool! And it goes directly to who it is supposed too! No going behind people’s back unintentionally!
When we look at the code, I noticed the feature could also cause a lot more code to be created. So, I expect that a lot of features will be more heavily debated thought about before added in bigger projects.

This particular feature shows the following numbers.

I think this is also important, Features can be really cool too add, but it also doesn’t guarantee the owner would find it that useful. So this might require a little bit more dialogue in bigger projects that one could be aware of.

This is though, an option and an ability to discuss and develop, with ease, efficiency and cohesion. Something many other markets of the world wish they could experience. So for a place where toxicity is at an all time low, and seeing people work together fluently, understanding GitHub is a good place to start if these are things you want from a career.

You can see the two repositories where I fixed a bug and added a feature here and here.

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