The simple note.

Even the simplest of programs can take a while to write. Even for the best coders, a simple notepad can change into a full fledged program due to all the different functions that one would write to make it a better notepad. The interesting part is when a coder decides enough is enough. And can anyone really say they are fully satisfied by their creation? This is the problem of creating a notepad.

Take a look at the notepad I designed here.

As you can see it is a relatively simple design, with not many bells and whistles. There is problems, that are easily distinguishable to mass use, and the fact that anyone could go to this site and use it. Venturing into an unending journey of coding.

How does an artist ever decide a painting is done. Perhaps that is the question that coder’s have to take into account and can learn from. Perhaps the individuals such as Banksy should be the ones teaching us, and not fellow coders because they’re the ones who have reached the high points in a already highly established market.

The basic features I added, were a simple save button and to reset the text. Some CSS to make it look a little bit more laid back and a look that is more in-line with real-world note-taking.

You can take a look at the GitHub repository here for a simple and basic look at the code to create your own personal note pad.

One thought on “The simple note.

  1. I find it fascinating that while we both decided to create a simple text-editor, we both had different ideas of what simple meant.

    While its easy to want to try to add too many features, there is something to be said about lack of features discouraging users. There is a level of functionality that a user expects, even with the simplest programs, that would make an user look for a different app if they are not met.

    Balancing between too much and too little, is probably best found through practice.

    Side note, What do you like the most about your text editor?


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