The world of a computer programmer can be overly complicated with languages being developed as time passes. It can often be intimidating to developers to figure out how to connect the two together due to the lengthy process it takes to learn the different frameworks.

Innovation is forever moving in the digital world, and the speed of communication transfer needs to keep up with the actual technology being developed. That’s what the ‘realworld’ is about.

What realworld does is allow for programmers to learn how to connect the two languages together in a step-by-step process that is easy to follow. This allows all documentation to be available and easy to find in one area.

The advantage with a repository like this one is that it has some software developers who are in the industry over-seeing the github repository, resulting in high-quality documentation that is easy to understand.

Overall this is a github that will bring coders of different languages together, and provide an easy to learn area where you may not have to learn the framework in and out but allow you to be part of the ever-changing programming work.

This repository can help many different people get started on all the different frameworks currently available.

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